Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Housekeeper/ Maid

Job Duties: Clean motel rooms, Laundry dirty linens and replace clean ones in guest rooms, Clean restroom, Vacuum floor, Make beds

Job is Temporary Full-Time

Number of Jobs Available: 4

Date of need: June 2, 2020 to October 25, 2020

Job Location: Bar Harbor, ME

Minimum Education: Low Intermediate Basic Education

Experience: No experience required

Work Hours: 8am – 2pm 6 days a week, one weekday off

Pay Rate: $12.20 per hour

Overtime not available

On-job training provided

Single workweek used as standard for computing wages due

Employee will be paid weekly

Employer will provide to the worker, without charge or deposit charge, all tools, supplies, and equipment

required to perform the duties assigned, in accordance with 20 CFR 655.20(k)

Employer will make all deductions from the worker’s paycheck required by law.

$90/week deduction

will be made from paycheck if staying at the employee provided housing.

Inquiries about the job opportunity or send applications, indications of availability, and/or resumes directly to the nearest Maine SWA.

Nearest Maine SWA:

Tri County CareerCenter

45 Oak St. Suite #3, Bangor, ME 04401-7902

Phone: 207-561-4050 Fax: 207-561-4066

Email: [email protected]

If the worker completes 50% of the work contract period, employer will reimburse the worker for transportation and subsistence. Upon completion of the work contract or where the worker is dismissed earlier, employer will provide or pay for worker’s reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence back home or to the place the worker originally departed to work, except where the worker will not return due to subsequent employment with another employer. The amount of transportation payment or reimbursement will be equal to the most economical and reasonable common carrier for the distances involved. The amount for daily subsistence will be at least $12.46 per day during travel to a maximum of $55.00 per day with receipts. Company will reimburse the H-2B worker in the first workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other related fees, including those mandated by the government, incurred by the H-2B worker (doesn’t include passport expenses) Optional lodging offered onsite @ $90/week.

Includes kitchen, living room and a shared room. No commute necessary if staying in the offered lodging. Public transportation available to commute if living in other areas.